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Dear Clients,

We are temporarily close from 26th March until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience. The voucher you have bought will be extended. Please take care yourself and see you later.

Fana Team

Tips to figure out the real reason of the pain

Questions asked by clients and the real reason

Neck pain on the back is from your middle back.

Neck pain on the side is from your arms.


"Tennis Elbow" is a fake name. It's just because the meridians on the arm were blocked.


Headache and Migraine normally from meridians blocked so stay warm and hot bath can release.


Lower back pain is from kidney function weakness. Normally because your legs are too freezing.


Hips pain normally from Rheumatoid. Different stage use different solutions and very easy to cure.


Knees pain normally from your kidney got hurt. Normally from cold weather and over tired.


You only need 2 lites liquid but not "water" per day!

to be continued......


Private Health Fund Rebatable

​​As a professional Remedial Massage Clinic, you can use your private health fund to save lots of money! Check your health fund on our list or not at first. We even have HICAPS terminal machine to claim directly so don't forget to take your card.


Temporarily Close until further notice.

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