Fana is a Sufi word; it means dissolution into god, dissolving into god. It is the highest state, where the ego disappears and god appears, when one dies into god and is reborn. Fana means to die, on your part, as you are -- small, fragmentary, separate from existence; and to be born as the whole -- egoless, infinite.        ————OSHO

FANA BODY CARE features multi-modality health care by our well-trained staff and will provide you with friendly, professional service in highest quality. FANA is specialized in using natural, holistic approach to treatment by restoring, rejuvenating and maintaining the body’s equilibrium to ensure you leave here feeling relaxed and refreshed in both body and mind.


We can assist in: 

  • Muscle And Soft Tissue Pain: e.g. stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain.

  • Stress Management: e.g. migraine, anxiety, insomnia, chronically fatigue

  • Sports And Dancing Injury: e.g. tennis elbow, sprained ankles

  • Nutrition Management: on weight loss and diabetes, etc.

  • Body Detoxification

  • Body Energy Balance


Please feel free to consult with our friendly staff if you have any questions about your health.

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