Facial Remedial Massage


In Traditional Chinese Medicine states that our face has direct connection to 9 of 14 meridians. Massaging face stimulates the lymphatic vessels and facilitates toxin elimination. Facial Remedial Massage clears the invisible pathways of energy, enhancing circulation, radiance, tone, texture, and facial contours, while promoting inner health. 

Facial GuaSha Therapy


This is a holistic approach in beauty therapy to balance, restore and rejuvenate your skin condition without any use of chemical acids, Botox drug injection or painful cosmetic surgery. There is no side effects and very safe to use. With a jade plate & very gentle handskill, it can help to remove Wrinkles, Freckle, Baggy eyes and Black circles around eyes. It also help to improves microcirculation through facial blood vessels, soften and whiten skin.

What essential oils do we use for these treatments?
Will Facial Skin Scraping leaves bruise?

No it will not. Cause we use different tools to do and with different hand skills as well. It will just let you feel very comfortable on your face.