( Reflexology )


A modality that can be used in combination with massage or on its own and involves the use of thumb and finger pressure on the reflex points of the feet ( which correspond to all of the areas of the body ) to assist nature in achieving equilibrium within the body. Applying pressure to these specific areas on each foot stimulates and improves the body organs and system. With a Detox Foot Bath will help you detoxify body, release stored toxins or blocked energy and improve circulation.

How often should I receive this therapy?

The amount to recieve this service varies with different body types and difficulties. We recommend our clients to enjoy this treatment at least once a month to maintain the benefit. 


May I get this with AOK Ion Cleanse together ?

That will be a pefect choice! You will get double the effect from these two treatments combined. We also have a deluxe for AOK Ion Cleanse and Foot Massage, it will save $15 for you. 

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