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Remedial Massage Therapist

Full Time


We are looking for a Remedial Massage Therapist to enhance the cultural experiences for our guests' while catering to their massage needs. This individual will be responsible for providing a variety of therapies while maintaining a high level of professionalism and composure. The most suitable candidate for this position must be licensed and certified by massage association in Australia to perform treatments. At least 1 year previous experience required. 




Essential Functions:

100% It is essential, imperative, and non-negotiable that any candidates working in this position provide a welcoming, friendly demeanor and a warm smile at all times. Must exhibit a comfort level with eye-to-eye contact, verbal dialogue, and professional body language. All therapists must maintain a current massage license. Associates unable to provide these traits may be reassigned.


60% Follow the established guidelines for the proper execution of body work services, adhering strictly to the protocols set forth within FANA BODY CARE. Contribute to the development of procedures and treatments through participation in treatment task force opportunities.


80% Responsible for providing all guests with customized personal attention in the spirit of a five star service experience. Anticipating guest needs and addressing the extra details are required. The ability to graciously respond to guests requests and go above and beyond at every opportunity.


40% Maintain a medical facility level of cleanliness in the treatment area at all times. Practice all sanitation and safety guidelines provided by both the Department of Health and the Resort. Ensure that the treatment area is completely, neatly and professionally maintained in accordance with the guidelines and standards of FANA BODY CARE.


10% Responsible for suggestive selling, including: add on services, retail products, and return visits. Goals may be set for required percentage of sales.




All the clinic owned by FANA BODY CARE.