The List of Temperature Attribute

Each food has their own temperature attribute. Make the balance is the best choice.


Hot chili, pepper, Chinese cassia tree, Cinnamon, fine wheat flour, soybean oil, white liquor.


1. Cereal: Sorghum rice.

2. Vegetables class: Green onion, onion, tender garlic shoots, garlic liver moss, capsicum, coriander, pumpkin, anise.

3. Seasoning class: Garlic, ginger, vinegar, aniseed (systematic name: Truestar anise tree), Chinese prickly ash.

4. Fruit class: Chinese hawthorn, avocado, kumquat, navel orange, peach, litchi chinensis, Myrica rubra, apricot, cherry, Chinese flowering quince.

5. Meats: Chicken, chicken liver; Mutton, lamb, lamb kidney, lamb bones, mutton fat, sheep's milk; Ox bones, butter; Venison.

6. Aquatic product: Trepang, crayfish, hairtail, silver carp, grass carp fish.

7. Wines: Yellow wine, beer, coffee, rice wine.

8. Other kinds: Dried ripe fruit, ginseng; Fries the dry fruit.


1. Cereal: Rice, corn, red bean, black soybeans, hyacinth bean, broad bean, white bean, peanut, peanut oil, black-seeded sesame.

2. Dry fruit dried vegetables class: Goji berry, lily, auricularia auricula, tremella.

3. Fruit dry fruit class: Grape, lemon, chestnut.

4. Vegetables class: Potato, sweet potato, carrot.

5. Meat egg milk class: Pork, beef, milk, egg.

6. Aquatic product category: Sea eel, turtle, jellyfish.

7. Other kinds: Honey, grape wine.


1. Cereal: Wheat, barley, mung bean, bean curd ( Tofu ) , sesame oil.

2. Dried vegetables class: Mushroom.

3. Vegetables class: Eggplant, tomato, broccoli, beans round, winter melon, snake gourd, cucumber, cabbage, wombok, buk choy asian greens, radish, celery, lettuce, greens.

4. Fruit class: Pear, sour orange, orange, apple, mango.

5. Meat egg class: Duck meat, duck egg, chicken eggwhite (protein).

6. Teas: Tea (jasmine tea exception), tea oil.


1. Fruit class: Persimmon, kiwi, fig, banana, watermelon.

2. Vegetables class: Zucchini, celery, balsam pear, lotus root.

3. Marine products: Kelp, seaweed, conch.

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